I welcome you to my world

Chat with me and follow me, under tag.
'Cause you remind me of a time, when we were so alive.

It's Feb, life sprouts.

Its February already! Omg time is like flying in the speed of light. I'd say this before, "if the seeds of life are being exchanged in January, lives are starting to sprout in February". Happy chinese new year peeps. Happy birthday to myself too. It's a special day, I knew. Oh yes I'm so freaky happy to get double angpaus! AND I'M SO HAPPY TO BE A SIXTEEN. Thank you dudes and sweethearts for all the wishes no matter it's bout my birthday or the chinese new year. I can feel the warmth in every single word you said or typed. A memorable one. Wish y'all healthy always and rock you life. *wink and smile*

School life now is, relaxing. *IGNORE THE HOMEWORKS* Haha I love our daily menu and all the form 4's classes are in the same building. Sad for you Cels, come here often please or else all of us will forget you. It may be sound childish and lame but seriously I LOVE ME NEW CLASS hees. Girls sitting behind us are rude but they do rock my school life. Eh Yauyanchong sorry for saying you gay everyday la haha, 非主流 what. I am so jealous bout your dog-fur-like-hair, urghhhhhhhhh. Hehe and I wanna thank you for helping me always and your comics and being the first one to wish me happy birthday. Remember you still need to tell me something eh platty. Oh yeah sorry teachers for being so noisy, but it's way too bad I just can't be quiet cause this class rocks. *high five*

I still have a lot to say but dad's freaky noisy old songs are so annoying it makes me can't concentrate grrrr. Anyways, happy chinese new year to you all and stay sweet to all the couples and, have a nice life everyone.

Week before birthday.
I'm indeed jealous, everything make me feel suck if other people gets the better one. I really do wish I would remember what I've wrote in the piece of paper, I wrote every single feeling of mine into it, how I feel, like, love and hate. Although words fail to speak everything inside.

I'm just fucking sick, physically and emotionally. Tag games was fun, but I hate it.There's another meaning, don't wanna tell. Hate the words and people. This is just so boring.

Conspiracy was nice, I'm them. I love how all we know falling speaks. I wanna go to Franklin, cause you remind me of a time when we were so alive. Finger crossed, screaming Hallelujah, I do wish for something, fucking hope it get's true.

Oh this heart, it beats.

Think bout what the fuck humor was. And how'd you get it. Yes, I do prank on friends, but not such a big one like it's spreading around grades to grades. Not like it's continuing for years. Not like being just tagged with the exact word in the joke. Not like making new nicknames for someone. Not like making someone being dislike or maybe worst, hated cause of that. Think bout it.

Why is everything with you, so complicated?


I think of many stuffs recently.
Complicate, suffocate, frustrate, desperate.
Sometimes I love you, sometimes it's you I can't stand.
I know you're leaving me in the morning when you wake up, leave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream.
"Why is everything with you, so complicated?" or "You are, the only exception"?

Say it out, at least?

Nearly the end
It've been three years.
I appreciate everything, precious.
And I'm sorry to everyone I knew no matter what I've did, so seriously.
I've think of changing school every year, EVERY YEAR.
There are problems every year, I think I've ruined my entire secondary school life.
Yes, I knew lots of peoples.
But I only knew them, how much friends do I really have?
In that way, how much can I really talk to?
"Reach for something that's already gone?"

Something's still the same.
You should've know that I'm serious sometimes and I hate to be ignored.
Yes, ignore the ignorance, I ignore the negligence.
You think I'm ignorant for doing that and you ignore me, I ignore your negligence again.
Circulation, eh?

Sometimes we did something and made each other misunderstand us.
You misunderstood me and I started to misunderstand you that you hate me.
You start to hate me too cause I hated you.
Another circulation?

You heard rumors, you told me I told other people.
Other people spread it out to even more people.
The rumors came back to you then you blamed me I blamed other people other people blamed even more people.

I hate you you hate her she hate him he hate him he hate me.
More circulations?

Everything seemed like being connected and affecting each others.
Sad for that, even an ant may affect my feelings now.